Madorian Renaissance Festival

Bringing the Past to Life

About the Festival

.Welcome to the Madorian Renaissance Festival

Greetings Good Lords and Ladies!

Welcome To The First Annual Madorian Renaissance Festival! A Renaissance Festival Addition to Plattsmouth! Welcome to the Realm of Madoria!

The Realm of Madoria:

Madoria is a Kingdom in our imagination, brought to life and given inspiration by our daughter, Madison. 

Madoria was originally conceived to be an addition to the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival. 

There were some roadblocks to adding our Renaissance Festival to the traditional event, so we have privatized the event. 

The creators, Michael Kahler and Debra Danner, have a love of history that they want to share with the world. Michael has always loved the Renaissance and wants people to be able to experience the Magick and Wonder of this Amazing Era in Time. 

Discover the “Age of Enlightenment”, without having a master's degree, at the Madorian Renaissance Festival. Enter our gates and journey back in time to an era when royalty ruled, knights jousted, and the arts came alive! The excitement begins  September 6th and lasts through September 8th, 2013, 

Browse through our Renaissance specialty shops. Attend the spectacle of the coronation at the Royal Court. Shout the battle cry of your favorite knight at the fencing area. Partake in demonstrations by Blacksmiths. Leather Workers , Archers, Blade Throwers, Wares/Figurines,  Face Painting, Food Vendors, Turkey Leg Vendors and an Apothecary. With unique costumes, our people bring the Middle ages back to life, and offer plenty of excitement to attract people of all ages! Bring a purse full of coin, for our merchants offer the finest in jewelry, weaponry, leather goods, candles, clothing, children’s items and more.

Come Hungry! The irresistible aromas of the various vendors’ baked goods, smoked meats,  roasted nuts and caramel corn will delight even the pickiest eater.

In addition to the delicious Midwest fare and unique shopping, this festival offers 3 stages featuring comedians, musicians, minstrels, fire breathers, pirates, belly dancers and more! You will also find games of skill and chance.

Visit Plattsmouth Eagles F.O.E., the location for the Faire, and enjoy a wonderful and educational experience for all ages! So, come! Bring your family and friends and spend the day reliving the past. Feel free to dress in Renaissance attire if you so desire!

Our guests will be greated by Royalty, Barbarians, Fairy's, Minstrels and Performers of all kinds. 

Sit back and enjoy the sword fights and noodle jousting. Participate in the different events, games and contests. There will childrens events, constume contests, charity fundraisers by opting to put your 'criminals' into the stocks. 

Welcome to the Kingdom of Madoria, where the past comes to life.  

Don’t miss out!

Fair Thee Well!